Hi, I'm Eva.

I'm a Security and Software Engineer, who likes building and securing software, always curious to find out how things work.

More about me

I currently work as a Product Security Engineer at Auth0, a security first company which provides an authentication and authorization service for application builders. Previously I worked as a Security Consultant at Census where I was mostly involved in Product Security (Web and Mobile - Android, iOS - Application Testing and Secure SDLC Consulting). I've also conducted research on compression side-channel attacks as a member of the Crypto.Sec Lab at University of Athens (Greece). I presented the latest findings of our compression side-channel attack framework, Rupture, in the Real World Crypto conference (New York, 2017). I also co-presented a cryptographic library we developed that defends against side-channel attacks in Black Hat Europe (London, 2016).

I love learning new ideas and concepts. My interests include the development of large scale systems in a secure manner and the development of production level software depending on its needs and from a security perspective.

I'm also holding a degree in classical piano and a degree in classical music harmony from the Greek National Conservatoire. On my free time, I usually take dance lessons, play the piano, bike and enjoy being outdoors.

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